Fan Favor/Crowd Noise Fan Favor will be a scaling effect that can be managed by the Team (and even some opposing Celebrity Monsters/opposing Teams) in order to gain scaling benefits over the course of an encounter. Properly achieving stadium-specific goals, as well as usage of Signature Moves, Team Maneuvers, and Crowd Control can add to your Fan Favor (either your Athlete’s personal Favor, or the Team’s). Some sort of progression like this might make sense:

  • 1 point of Favor: Gain a +1 bonus to all Defenses and damage rolls.
  • 2 points of Favor: Gain a total +2 bonus to all Defenses and damage rolls.
  • 3 points of Favor: Gain Combat Advantage against any target you attack.
  • 4 points of Favor and above: Gain another +1 bonus to all Defenses and +1 to all damage rolls (cumulative with above)
  • BONUS—5 points of Favor: The character who reaches this threshold also receives an Action Point he must use within either this encounter or the immediate next one. (Note that in the course of most Crawls, it will be functionally impossible for a whole Team to hit this water-mark together)

Quick-Summary of Fan Favor methods

Individual Fan Favor boosts
  • 1/day successful Signature Move
  • 1/encounter Overkill bonus
Team Fan Favor boosts
  • 1/encounter achieving a successful Team Combo Attack.
  • 1/encounter from completing Arena Goals (situational)
  • 1/day (and no more than 2/encounter) Crowd Control skill check from each player.

Team and Individual bonuses are cumulative. 3 points of Team Favor, in addition to a successful Overkill and Signature move in the encounter, means 5 points of personal Favor!

Signature Moves Choose one Daily Attack Power you know (not a Stance or Zone effect only, it must have at least 1 distinct Attack Roll involved… for Warden daily attacks, this would be the Encounter attack power gained). On any turn in which you use that attack, you may use a Free action to give the “Tell” beforehand. The Tell is often a shouted slogan or “Called Attack”, fancy piece of signature footwork or ominous pose, or could be displaying and subsequently drinking an endorsed beverage (or any combination of the above).

Name a single monster you have targeted with the Daily power prior to rolling the dice (ie. you’ll note this in the title of the Dice-tag for your attack roll). If that target is Hit by the power, you gain 1 point of personal Fan Favor until the end of the encounter.

Team Maneuvers The party (‘Team’) may pick 2 different combinations of Encounter and At-Will powers to be their Playbook of Maneuvers (one contributing power from each member, each member must have at least 1 Encounter power among the 2 Team Maneuvers). On a turn, if the entire team can coordinate everyone hitting with all of the powers in 1 of their Maneuvers in a specific order (Yes, this means Delayed Actions—In the style of Opener 1 [maybe a Leader at-will that gives an attack bonus], Opener 2 [a Defender or Striker hits the target with a power that further increases success chances of the combo], then Filler moves and Closers [Controllers and Strikers laying the hurt]), they gain 1 point of Team Favor until the end of the encounter. DJs and Monster squads will likely recognize the openings of a team’s signature maneuvers, and will deliberately try to disrupt the maneuver from taking place.

Crowd Control (Social Skills) Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate are probably going to be of little use within the confines of the stadium. However, there is also a live crowd to consider, and currying their favor to raise your team’s spirits (or crush the opposition’s) is always a good thing. I need to flesh this out more, but my current idea is to have two opposing options for Athlete personality: to be either a Team Face (high charisma) or a Heel (low charisma). Both can be useful, and even having “negative training” (-5 instead of +5) in a social skill can be useful if your “Heel” Athlete thrives on fan negativity (this would be a reversal of the standard rule, a d20 roll in which the lowest result is best).

Overkill Wasting monsters with excessive violence (ie. when Characters continue to attack a target that is at 0 hit points but still standing) will be rewarded with 1 point of personal Fan Favor. The window to pull off Overkill is a small one: the player making the attack must do so as the immediate next action in the Initiative count after the monster is reduced to 0 HP. Any melee attack power that causes damage may be used to achieve Overkill, and Ranged caster/archer characters will have a special combat action that allows them a modified “melee Basic attack” with their primary attack stat for this purpose. Simply peppering a dead orc with arrows from a distance will not satisfy the crowd: you must walk right up and put a round through his head execution-style! Overkill is probably going to be one of the easiest and most renewable ways (1/encounter) to achieve Fan Favor, which is an exchange for the ‘opportunity cost’ of spending a Standard action on a dead creature.

Time Most crawl events are timed, which is one of the major factors in determining a team’s final score (compared to other teams that complete the same Crawl). The Team will never take Extended Rests in any crawl (only natural, being that they are televised live events), but at specific intervals in most Crawls are strategically placed Break Rooms that allow the program to take a quick TV Time-Out when they are reached (that would be a Short Rest). Note: This does not mean between every challenge! The Team will also have access to a number of discretionary Time Outs, which may be called upon when they are hard up for resources between Break Rooms. The fewer Time Outs they need to call through the course of a Crawl, the better their score will be.

Scoring To be determined (ie. this is basically going to end up being excessively fudged by the DM), but know that in some way the Teams’ proficiency at completing the course will be graded and will have an effect on the ‘storyline’ of the tournament brackets, as well as the fame and fortune of the Team.


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