Primal characters are the real animals of X-Crawl. While Martial Crawlers might dabble in the occasional performance-enhancing supplement or Macro-Protein beverage, Barbarians and Wardens bring a new meaning to the term “juiced.” Many Primal characters are genetically-enhanced, then raised from birth for the purposes of creating an unholy terror on the X-Crawl circuit. The major labs that supply Primal Crawl athletes are all militarily-funded by the AIPF (American Imperial Peace Forces), and each such Crawler is often a unique blend of biological “improvements” intended as a test-bed for new combinations of terrifying modifications. It’s not uncommon at all for Wardens to alter their form in the middle of the Crawl, bio-forming their bodies into ice, wood, and stone and crushing the opposition. Druids take this fearsome ability to a new level, having been exposed before birth to sometimes-lethal morpho-genetic cocktails that enable them to alter their fundamental shape for animalistic forms and ravage the opposition horrifically. And Barbarians… well, they simply redefine the phrase “psychotic.”

Interestingly, recent advances in benign sedative drugs have allowed Primal Crawlers to interact meaningfully with their Teams and Fans while off of the field, and more than a few children’s lunch-boxes are marked by the benevolently-smiling face of “Blood-Red” Stack Orstin, striking a bear-ish pose in one of his more lucid press appearances.

Primal iconics

Revenant Shaman and Dragonborn Barbarian, representing the official Lab 72 team, the Razorbacks. They are a feared sight at any Crawl Competition, not least for the fact that they utterly disregard all safety regulations and have regularly put entire opposing teams into extended rehabilitation… or worse.


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