The gold standard of X-Crawl, martial characters are the hyper athlete All-Stars of the future. Whether you are the team’s offensive Line (Fighters, Two-Blade/Beast Rangers), the Scorers (Rogues, Archery rangers), or it’s Quarterback (Warlord), your approach to X-Crawl is one of extreme professionalism and constant off-the-field training. The martial characters are often-times the most fan-celebrated due to their (perceived) status as hard-working athletes who have to earn their right to compete in X-Crawl every year… against the pressing demands of age, fan pressure, constant abuse of their bodies, rampant alcoholism, and even scarier… the League’s (admittedly lax) steroid policies.

Alternate Class Features: Fighter

Martial iconics

Human Fighter and Shifter Ranger, from the Cincinnati Blitz. The Blitz is known for their aggressively offensive approach to tackling X-Crawl Challenges, and are THE team to top in national X-Crawl competitions year in and year out. They currently are positioned at the top of the Imperial League standings, with an incredible 4-1 record in Championship Cup Crawls (out of 5 appearances in the last 6 years).


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