The Rituals of divine investiture are tightly guarded by the Megacorporations, to whom they are incredibly valuable military/medical assets. The average citizen could never hope to legally gain such a ritual. But then again, X-Crawl is serious business in the North American Empire. Plenty of well-trusted athletes are gifted with the Ritual and allowed to train as Divine X-Crawlers, but such “Mega-sell-outs” tend to get a negative fan reaction in spite of their Corporate-approved smiling faces. It could be the fact that their Crawl Armor tends to be covered head-to-toe in scrolling corporate sponsorship Microboards, or the perceived fakeness of their perpetually grinning pretty-boy/girl personas, or maybe it’s just the fact that vividly shiny attacks like the “Mountain Dew™ Radiant Slam” have difficulty translating on SuperHDTV. Actually, it’s probably not that last one.

Divine Domains Choose a portfolio of domains based on the aspects of your sponsoring Megacorporation. As an example, Team PowerThirst (see image below) can choose from the domains of Strength (GRATUITOUS Amounts of Energy!), Skill (Drink PowerThirst and you’ll win at everything forever!), and Freedom (You’ll Run SO FAST, Mother Nature will be like: SLOW DOWN!).

Divine iconics

Deva Cleric and Dwarf Paladin, members of the Conglomo MegaCorp Inc.-subsidized “Team PowerThirst.” Their holy symbol incorporates the contracted logo Pwr!

When the great Pepsi-Cola Crash occurred in 2149, the newly-formed Conglomo MegaCorp quickly capitalized on the disaster by acquiring upstart energy drink manufacturer Powerthirst. PowerThirst is now in a close tie for single most-consumed non-alcoholic beverage in the American Empire, contested only by “Friki-Choo Cola.”


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