Character Creation

Level 12

Point Buy 25 pts. At 1st level, no attribute may be bought higher than 18 after racial adjustments.

Background PHB 2 or Divine/Arcane Power only

Allowed Material PHB, PHB 2, AV, Martial Power, Arcane Power, Divine Power, FRPG (Swordmage, Dark Pact warlock, and Drow/Genasi only. No feats may be taken that are not directly associated with an allowed race or class), EPG (No Dragonmarks or Aberrant Marks, anything else goes)

Magic Items—one of 13th level, one of 12th level, and one of 11th level. Money equivalent to an 11th level item (9,000 gold).

Personality (‘Alignment’)—Choose to be either a Team Face (high charisma) or a Heel (low charisma). When dealing with Crowd Control, Heel characters subtract 5 from Charisma-based skills they are trained in, rather than adding it. Lower rolls are better for Heel characters. Otherwise, they function identically in all such situations.

Character Creation

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