The Guild of the Magi sees X-Crawl as useful publicity fodder, and so can be depended upon to provide funding for a certain number of Guild-approved Arcane Teams as well as a good few Free Agents every year. Arcane X-Crawlers tend towards cultivating ominous or mysterious personalities, often enhanced by elaborate attire (Capes and masks are common) and over-the-top “In-Character” personas. Some outlaw spell-casters and Sorcerers view X-Crawl as their best chance to ‘go public’ safely: once you become a super-star celebrity, surely even the Magi won’t be able to touch you… right?

Alternate Class Features: Bard

Arcane iconics

Eladrin Swordmage and Tiefling Warlock, from the Minneapolis-based team “Inferna Esoterica”. The only thing hotter than their outfits is, well… what they do to the opposition!


X-Crawl 4e Dark_Matter